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Taking on Big Brands behind Plastic Waste

Many big corporations sell items wrapped in plastics, particularly satches, to poorer countires such as those in Southeast Asia. This allows people to purchase something they need without buying a lot, for example, shampoo in packets, snacks in smaller packaging, etc. However, this type of packaging is not recylcable and because these countries do not have efficient waste management, much of the plastic waste ends up in the ocean. Froilan Grate is an environmental activist from the Philippines that is taking on the big brands behind plastic waste. He and a group called Break Free from Plastic, are doing brand audits to create a list and quantify all the brand names found during beach clean ups and publicize them for everyone to see. The strategy is to put pressure on big companies to reduce plastic waste, and to show consumers what they are supporting when purchasing a product. The brand audits are a growing initiative, and here at the Long Marine Lab Stranding Network, we are happy to include them during our beach surveys in our Survey Slug Program.

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