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Fin Whale stranding on Saturday 4/24/21 at Fort Funston likely due to ship strike. 5th Whale to strand in 3 weeks!

On Saturday, April 24th, the San Fransico bay had it's fifth whale stranding in 3 weeks. Our team, alongside The Marine Mammal Center, and California Academy of Sciences, identified a 46-foot juvenile male fin whale that washed ashore on Fort Funston beach. During the necropsy, we detemined the potential cause of death to be a vessel strike because we saw bruising and hemorrhaging to the muscle around the whale's neck vertebrae. 

 Rare Fin Whale Likely Killed By Ship Strike; Fifth Whale Carcass To Wash Ashore In Less Than A Month


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Large mass stranding off New Zealand leaves almost 100 pilot whales dead.

A large mass stranding of pilot whales occured on New Zealand's remote Chatham Islands on Sunday 11/22/2020.

In total 97 pilot whales and 3 dolphins were found deceased.

It is unknown what caused this mass stranding, or what causes them in general. However mass strandings are to some extent common on the Chatham Islands.  The DOC. stated that in 1918 up to 1,000 whales were stranded on these islands, which was the largest recorded mass stranding in New Zealand.  This also comes two months after one of the largest recorded incident that left 380 whales dead on a beach in Tasmania, Australia.

Pilot whales are seen stranded on the beach in Chatham Islands, New Zealand November 22, 2020

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Fin Whale Dies After Being Trapped in Dee Estuary, UK

The 30ft (10m) fin whale was beached in the Deeside estuary

     A young fin whale, estimated to be about a year old, became trappen in the Dee Estuary which is in Flintshire, UK.  The whale died on Sunday 6/14/2020 after it had become beached several times in the same area.   A team initailly refloated the whale and it seemed to swim towards sea, however it ended up restranding.   A post-mortem examination, necropsy, showed damage consistent with a live stranding of a nutritionally compromised individual. 


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